My Churning Stomach – Part 2. A Miracle Cure? HCL with Pepsin.

Hello, I wanted to post an update about my stomach, which I self-diagnosed as being low on stomach acid in this previous post. The self-diagnosis involved drinking a little apple cider vinegar and if afterwards my stomach felt better, then my problem was most likely that I had low-stomach acid. So I tested this and [...]

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A Violently Churning Stomach – Is the Cause Low Stomach Acid?

Is it possible that stomach troubles such as acid reflux, excessive churning, gas and bloating caused by low stomach acid and easily cured with drinking apple cider vinegar?

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Fancy Schmancy Gluten Free Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This is what I had for lunch — I switched it up and used Genius multigrain bread by Glutino. I like this bread – it’s cut a little thicker than Udi’s. It has a half gram less fat (3.5 per slice), two grams less sugar, and waaay less sodium than Udi’s whole grain bread. And [...]

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Gluten Free Pancakes in Puerto Rico – Julian’s Recipe

Last June I fortunately and happily lived one block from the beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico, enjoying the pleasant weather and the peace of the ocean. If you’ve never been to Puerto Rico, you should go, especially if you’re an American citizen. Three reasons: 1) It’s EASY to get there, no passport/visa required. No [...]

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Five Gluten Free Beers That Don’t Make Me Gag

This blog has gotten a lot of visits from people looking for either gluten free beer or wondering whether or not Corona is gluten free. Beer, it seems, and whether Celiacs and the gluten-sensitive crowd can drink it, is on a lot of people’s minds if not our lips. Therefore, I thought a blog about [...]

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