Aww Yeah. Now that’s some good gluten free pizza!

I really think this picture says it all. I found GOOD GLUTEN FREE PIZZA!

Thanks to my friend Pam, who is also gluten free, I finally found some gluten free pizza with crust that is damn near perfect. I was with my sister Pam (not to be confused with friend Pam) and my Mom on a Saturday night when it was suggested that we have pizza for dinner. However, that suggestion was quickly withdrawn after my sister remembered that I am gluten free and am usually a lame-o when it comes to eating anything fun. But then I remembered friend Pam telling me about Mandy’s pizza and so off we went (20 minutes out of our way) for some PIZZA.

Mandy’s has two locations in Pittsburgh (and one in California). Of course I went to the wrong location first (the one without the gluten free menu). Note to self: the correct location is in Westview at 512 Perry Highway.

mandys pizza

The people at the first location couldn’t have been nicer! They gave us thorough directions to the correct location, and a couple free sodas for our troubles. They told us that the owner had pretty much perfected the gluten free crust, as his son has many food allergies and many attempts were made until the son gave his Dad the “thumbs up” on what is now the perfected version. In addition, they told us that people come from ALL OVER the place to get Mandy’s gluten free pizza, so our 20 minutes seemed well worth it so far and we hadn’t even ordered our pizza yet!

After much deliberation over the menu, we sat down and ordered our pizzas to go: one mushroom/pepperoni and one green pepper/pepperoni. The gluten free pizzas are 10″, so we thought we better order two. The pizzas, by the way, were pretty pricey — about $35 for two 10″ pizzas (4 slices) with two toppings each. *worth it*

At the next (correct) location, the people were again very endearing. My mom chatted with the guys behind the counter who told us the owner is also working on getting the gluten free pizza crusts in local stores (Giant Eagle?!) soon. I hope so. We decided to take our pizzas home and eat them there.

I have posted many gluten free pizza reviews since starting this blog, but really, truly this is the best gluten free pizza to date. The crust was not soggy or spongy and the sauce did not seep through at all. It tasted waaaaay better than the wet socks that is Amy’s gluten free pizza.

The crust was really good and even sort of thick and chewy, but also crusty. Crusty! Like crust should be. In addition, there was ample cheese and toppings, and the sauce was very tasty as well. It really, really was very good pizza and I hope to also be able to buy the crust someday soon in grocery stores.

Not only is the crust gluten-free, but it’s also free of wheat, corn, soy, egg, casein, and nuts. Which makes me wonder what the heck IS in it, and makes it even more amazing that it tastes so good. I should also add that there are also allergen-free cheese options, which I did not try, but is vegan and lactose friendly.

In addition, Mandy’s also has a gluten free menu with flatbread and wings (looking forward to trying these someday!)
mandys gluten free menu

As always, let me know of any gluten free pizza tips you may have in the comments below!

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  1. Pam_Wow Says:

    SOOOO good. And now I want some. :)

  2. Steve Says:

    Who’s the girl….you the girl!

    Thanks so much for the kind review. Not more that I can say except that really only do this so that people can enjoy pizza again…and for our son Brandon who suffers from severe food allergies.

    Thanks Again,

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  4. Mary Says:

    I agree, LOL! Our reviews are very similar, but yours is much better. It goes into sooo much more detail.

    Love your blog! I’ll be adding a link to you on my site.

  5. Katie Says:

    Just FYI – You can buy Mandy’s frozen pizza shells at Naturally Soergel’s in Wexford and the Pittsburgh Whole Foods!! :)

  6. Gluten Free Says:

    That is *awesome*. I will pick one up at Whole Foods this week :-)

  7. Liz Says:

    Just read your blog tonight, going crazy craving pizza and living literally right behind Spak Bros. Found this and went out right away. Seriously, best effing gf pizza I’ve ever had. It was good for pizza in general. Made me so happy! Lucky that place is on the other side of town, because it was flipping expensive, and I know I’d go broke.

  8. Beth Says:

    Awesome review and I agree 100%! We live quite a distance from Westview, about 40-45 minutes or so, but will travel on occasion (when we have the funds…pricey!) just so I can get GF pizza and flatbread subs! Oh my goodness, the corned beef flatbread sub is to DIE FOR! Tastes just like a regular hoagie! They also now carry GF chicken fingers and french fries!

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