Five Gluten Free Beers That Don’t Make Me Gag

This blog has gotten a lot of visits from people looking for either gluten free beer or wondering whether or not Corona is gluten free. Beer, it seems, and whether Celiacs and the gluten-sensitive crowd can drink it, is on a lot of people’s minds if not our lips.

Therefore, I thought a blog about the different types of beer that claim they are gluten free would be a good plan. I’ve tried quite a few gluten free beers, and while some satisfy my “please let me have a freaking beer” needs, I do not prefer them to the taste of a regular old PBR, even though I never, ever, ever, would have drank a PBR back in the days when I was swallowing wheat beers by the growlers. (If you’re not a heavy beer drinker, you probably don’t know that a growler is a jug of beer.)

So what can we drink? Here are my top five gluten free beers that don’t make me gag:

1. Estrella Damm Daura

Daura Gluten Free BeerWhile I was living in Asheville, NC I stumbled on a beer called Daura in a nice little bar called The Altamont Brewing Company, which I frequented. I was shocked and surprised at how Daura had very little of that nasty aftertaste you get sometimes with gluten free beer. In fact, Estrella Damm Daura won a gold medal in 2011 for the World’s Best Gluten-free Lager. It is my gluten free beer of choice.

Green’s Gluten Free Beers

Green's Gluten Free BeerA slightly more expensive GF beer is Green’s, which hails from the UK. I haven’t tried ALL of the Green’s varieties – they have an ale, a pilsner, and a blonde, dark, and brown ale. I need to get my hands on the new bottle refermented blonde and see what that’s all about. Has anyone else tried these? Please advise, if so! I do remember liking the Green’s that I drank, but I don’t remember being overwhelmed, especially for the price, as they come in pretty big bottles.


Made by a familiar brand for you Bud drinkers, Redbridge is brewed from sorghum. Like a Bud, it kind of tastes like water. But it’s way more appealing & refreshing a hot summer day than…what? Oh, right, it’s way better than no beer at all.

Dogfish Head Tweason’ Ale

Dog Fish Head Gluten Free Teason AleI got a chance to sip on this newbie at House of 1000 Beers in New Kensington, PA, just north of Pittsburgh, PA. The taste is good, even though I don’t care for fruity beers that much. It’s brewed with strawberries, buckwheat, and honey, but the fruity flavor is ever so slight. It does leave a bit of an aftertaste, but not overwhelmingly so.

New Planet

New Planet Gluten Free BeerWhile New Planet makes three gluten free beers (An ale, a raspberry ale, and a pale ale) I have only tried the regular ale. And it was OK. It didn’t make me gag.

I still have yet to try Omission, a gluten free lager that doesn’t suck made in Portland, OR. I am a little peaved that they said they’d send me samples and I never received anything in the mail. But from this blog post it sounds like it might be quite tasty.

The beer that wins the prize for the WORST GLUTEN FREE BEER EVER is a nasty, nasty, disgutamungo tasting beer called Sprecher’s Shakparo. This beer made me gag and I couldn’t stand to take more than a couple of sips. EW!!!
Do not try this beer

So tell me – what am I missing here? What’s YOUR favorite gluten free beer that doesn’t make you gag?

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  1. Ted Says:

    Brunehaut. Never found it in a store, but had it at Yardhouse a couple of times. Its just a good Belgian beer with gluten removed.

  2. Gluten Free Says:

    Thanks, Ted! What/where is Yardhouse? Would love to check out Brunehaut.

  3. brett Says:

    i like a beer called mongozo also new grist and bards is not bad
    just drank a corona to see if it is going to affect me ,diagnosed gluten intolerant with gut reactions to it normally but i haevnt had any big reaction yet 4 hrs

  4. nick Says:

    Lakefront New Grist Ale – great brew!! One of my personal favorites. Here is the link to their website:

  5. Colleen Says:

    Been GF almost 2 months now. What a difference! Miss my beer with pizza and sushi. Really like Redbridge – okay, so prefer a good, full-bodied wine to a heavy, full-bodied beer, so what do I know? :-)

    Totally agree with Nick’s comments above – Been drinking New Grist sorghum and rice beer from Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee – really good!

    Finally, turns out I can do Corona Light with NO problems, but definitely have issues with Corona. Totally happy that I’ve found an acceptable beer balance! Thanks for the blog!

  6. Leah Says:


  7. Tess Says:

    I don’t know if you have that in the US but my favourite gf beer is a germann one from the brewery “Lammsbräu”. It’s made like usal beer with hop and barley but the gluten is extracted afterwarts. Don’t know how they do it but here you go 100% beer taste.

  8. Theresa Says:

    Best beer ever that is not super expensive like Daura, which I love, is the 2 new ones from Annheiser Busch called Omission. No more Sorghum for me. Yuck. I noticed that both beers won the #1 and #2 spots for beer recently. Read that on the site. Cheers. There is hope. But I am in Mexico and there seems to be no choices.

  9. Katie Says:

    I’ve been GF for 6 months and miss beer. You must try Omission! My absolute favorite so far.

  10. Fiona Says:

    Goose Island Brewery in Chicago makes a gluten free beer called Queen-OA. It’s made w/ guinoa and grapefruit. It’s pretty fruity, so if you like lagers, it’s not for you. I like to call it a “BeerMosa” something I’d drink as a hangover cure in the morning with breakfast.

    Omission is a new brand that I really like. They make both a lager and pale ale which are pretty good, in addition to all the ones listed above.

  11. Gluten Free Beer Lover Says:

    I have been GF for about 2 years now, though I do cheat sometimes because I really miss beer! (Brewed my own too, now I need to look up new recipes and experiment all over again..). I have been fortunate enough to try Green’s Blonde, Amber and Dubbel Dark Ale. Blonde is a Belgium tripple which is 8.5% acl content. The Dubbel Dark is 7 something. Amber is in the 6s. I love all of them and in my opinion are some of the best out there. Tried a bunch others except for Shakparo, New Grist, New Planet. Working on finding them all. Also, Theresa Omission is put out by the Widmer Brewing Company based in Portland, OR. Redbridge is AB. Thanks for the feedback guys and I’ll have to try the others suggested.

  12. Andy Says:

    New Grist for me, hands down so far. Looking forward to more…great post

  13. Jerzeeinco Says:

    Omission lager and pale ale!
    Hands down the best in this country

  14. Jarmo Says:

    For some reason Finland has done quite well with GF products. There are a few beers that are totally non gluten, as Kukko Pils and Kukko Lager (their names quite well tell what they are like) by Laitila. Then there are a few that are very low in gluten, as Keisari Munchener and Keisari Lager (by Nokian panimo). And, for some very odd reason, one of my favourite beers, cheap bulk product called Pirkka Lager made by Olvi does not give me any of the symptoms I´m having at the moment – having drank two beers that I thought of being made of corn. Current location Mallorca, Spain. Still looking for a gluten free beer…

  15. Sloth Says:

    I have been GF for almost a year and a half now. It has made a drastic improvement on my health. I have an immune system for the first time in my life! But I, too love beer! I have sampled a lot of different beers. Redbridge makes me sick, and not because of the taste. I’m not sure what it is about it, but if I have more than 2 my symptoms return with a vengeance! Ultra makes a “light cider” which tastes like biting into a green apple, refreshing at first, nauseating after about half a bottle. I have just made the switch to ciders because they don’t bother me and it makes me feel “normal” at a bar with what looks like a beer bottle in my hand. Personally, I’m an avid Strongbow drinker, but if Angry Orchard or Woodchuck is all that’s available, that’s what I’ll drink. I have read conflicting things about Corona, and haven’t ballsed up to try it. I found Omission, but the labeling does not say GF like every other GF beer so despite constantly reading about Omission, I haven’t tried it in fear I will get sick again. Love the blog!

  16. Steve San Filippo Says:

    CORONA Gluten quantities ===
    Some proponents of [[gluten|gluten-free diets]] for general health or specific conditions, such as [[celiac disease]] and [[Small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome|SIBOS]] (small intestine bacterial overgrowth syndrome), advise beer consumers to drink Corona because of its low gluten quantities. Bottles of Corona Extra contains less than 20 [[Parts per million|ppm]] gluten, while other typical beers contain well over 2000 ppm.[ Food Allergies and Beer] – Healthy Nest Nutrition The limit for gluten free is 200 ppm. Coronas sold in Mexican markets are typically marked gluten-free.

  17. Jo Says:

    I so appreciate your blog. I am gluten free. I don’t play “the game”. if it is likely to contain wheat, I don’t eat it. I do however, drink Corona. I also experience no ill affects. This leads me to believe, that either I am not getting enough to make me ill, or I have no problem with barley gluten. Hmmm. Just our genetically modified (GM) wheat makes me unbelievably ill!

  18. Emma Says:

    Omission is good but as a celiac I can’t drink it without having a bad reaction to it. There are a few others celiacs that also have a bad reaction to it as well. Its a beer made with gluten but its processed to remove the gluten. My understanding is they are not suppose to call themselves gluten free when they sell it outside of Oregon due to using gluten products in crafting the beer.

  19. Janine Says:

    Your number 1 and number 2 are my favorites in that order as well. Redbridge is ok for 1 or 2. never tried number 4 and number 5 makes me gag…haha I am a diagnosed celiac but drank 2 corona lights cause I really miss a light yummy beer! 2 hours and so far so good – a little bloated – but I had 2 beers!

  20. adam Says:

    Great Info , My life has changed so much, Im cool with Corona.Was wondering why? Thanks !!! Now can you get me thru ordering food in restraunts? if It were peanuts ,it would be understood.People seem to think its a weight loss thing , not a I get way sick mand cant get off the comode thing> Best

  21. Jim Says:

    I’ve been drinking Estrella Damm for years (my wife is from Barcelona) and when I went gluten free last year, we found their gluten free offering, Daura. It’s one of the best. I also tried Omission a couple of weeks ago and their pale ale was quite good. They extract the gluten and there is some controversy over whether it is really gluten free as are all the beers out there that extract instead of brew gluten free from the start. Redbridge was a bit too sweet for my taste.

  22. Jani Says:

    Try also this beer

  23. Santo Says:

    Thank’ and try the canadian gluten free beer … (Messagere) (6) (12)
    And Glutenberg (6) in grocery ! till now i never find that kind of beer in any bar :) ))

  24. susana Says:

    Someone told me Corona was GF and I started drinking it untill I started feeling so bad that had to missed work. I went to google and found this blog that said that it is actually NOT GF. You must know that although the symptomes dont appear it is really bad for your health if you have GF disease.

  25. Linda Says:

    I have tried the Green’s blonde and it’s the only one I’ve found that I like so far. It is still very heavy for me because I live in FL and sometimes I just want a cold beer on a hot day! I’m not celiac – just gluten sensitive and recently just had to have a few sips of a Heineken and while it didn’t bother me at first – oh boy did it the next day. Guess that’s why they say beer is so fattening because my body didn’t digest it until the next day and I got sick. Not violently sick but definitely not worth it! I have not tried the Corona light though since I was diagnosed so I will have to try that. THAT would be wonderful…I could watch football and have a beer again?? Wow.

  26. Amy Says:

    Omission by Widmer is the best GF beer I’ve had this far. Looking forward to trying the Dogfish GF beer though. Gonna try a Carona tonight to see what affect it has/doesn’t have on my GF sensitive belly :) Thanks!

  27. sara Says:

    My goodness! Just recently found out I and My two daughters are GF. I thought I was never going to be able to drink beer again! I used to drink Corona but am afraid to try right now-just starting to feel human again after 12 years of not knowing what was wrong. Thank ALL of you for your comments and help! God Bless you all

  28. maria Says:

    Check out Steadfast Beer company. They only make gluten free beer.

    I love their pale ale…Their blonde ale was way too sweet for me.

  29. eva Says:


    I am writing from Montréal. I am trying to be gluten free but I love beer….Call me naive but I thought Beck’s and Heineken was almost gluten free??? :-)

  30. Laura Says:

    I am looking for BOTH a gluten free (or low gluten) beer AND low carb & low cost beer in the same can or bottle. I am trying to research Bud Light, Corona Light, Coors Light, Michelob ULTRA Light and Natural Light. But I am finding conflicting stuff all over the place in chat rooms and websites. ANY HELP??!! I will keep looking and reading but if you have already determined this I would be eternally grateful. I am on a weight loss and fat loss plan but REFUSE to give up my weekend beer :) :):)

  31. steve Says:

    Estrella Damn Daura is the best I’ve tasted. Omission is also very good – 3 kinds – Lager, Pale Ale and an IPA. There is a Japanese beer called Nodogoshi made by Kirin which is also very good (although hard to get here in USA)

  32. Guy Says:

    Writing from Ontario, Canada (near Ottawa). The two gluten free beers that are available in this area are New Grist and La Messagère. This latter one has become my gluten free beer of choice, i.e. La Messagère, brewed in Quebec (brasserie de la Nouvelle-France). It sure is pricy (15$ for a 6-pack), but it’s the best I’ve found so far. There’s my two cents! Thanks for the info on this blog!

  33. Fina Says:

    Omission is good but it made me sick……I looked into it and they can’t technically label it glueten free because it starts off with hops or and barely which is then omitted through the brewing process. If you’re not celiac you should be ok with it.

  34. Rob Says:

    Redbridge is okay but I’ve been drinking light beer for so long I don’t know what a real beer tastes like. I’m looking for a low calorie GF replacement beer for Bud Select 55…..any advice? Been gluten free for a few weeks and all my symptons are gone so I’m not looking to roll the dice.

  35. william Says:

    The worst gluten beer is new grits .. terrible taste. I tried one bottle and and the rest went to the garbage.The best is green. There only good in New planet is Belgian gluten free.

  36. Lizzy Says:

    I was diagnosed with Celiacs disease 7 years ago. I have tried every GF beer avaialable in Ontario and the best tasting one is BARDS with a lime ! Close to the real thing!! I tried drinking Corona with bad results:(.

  37. Michel Says:

    Hi !

    There is a very good gluten free beer brewed in Montreal : Glutenberg.
    The pale ale is really excellent !

  38. Sherry Says:

    Now we have varieties for GF beer as I thought I would just stave off from beers. Are any of these suitable for those who are allergic to hops? Thanks for posting.

  39. Jackie Says:

    If you live in the Chicagoland area we have a local brewery called 2 brothers. They have a gluten free beer called “Prairie Path.” I really like that one a lot. It is about $10-$12 for a six pack.

  40. Don Da vies Says:

    I am a celiac. Gluten berg Ale is the best I have tried. I will try Daura and some of the others mentioned. Many thanks for this very useful and informative piece.

  41. Swilling Will Says:

    I have full-blown Celiac Disease and I cannot not tolerate the least amount of gluten without symtoms including skin blisters (dermatitis herpatiformis). I LOVE beer and have missed it greatly. I’ve had Redbridge (tolerable), Bards (less tolerable, Green’s (good but expensive), Omission (never again-it has 20 parts gluten per million). I’ve had others that I can’t even remember, but wasn’t impressed. By far the best beer ever made (even better than gluten beers before I had Celiac) is GroundBreaker Brewing (formerly Harvester Brewing) in Portland. The beer is phenomenal! They are geniuses! Unfortunately, its a long distance from me, but I still manage to get it weekly.

  42. Swilling Will Says:

    By the way, weak beer doesn’t = gluten-free beer.

  43. Brian Says:

    I’ve tried many, have really become comfortable with Bards. In fact, I would drink it if I we’re gluten sensitive. Took a little while to appreciate the taste, but others must too, because the shelf space at my 3 favorite liquor stores is often empty. Been enjoying a few Coronas with no ill effects.

  44. Lora Says:

    I love Omission, a gluten removed/reduced beer. Also Glutenberg, which is completely gluten, free is my favorite. No nasty after taste and tastes like REAL BEER. I have found Glutenberg only at Heinen’s grocery stores in Northeast Ohio.

  45. Granny Says:

    Estrella Daura is excellent, just a clean, real beer taste. Two Brothers is also great, with a pale ale vibe. Redbridge is literally undrinkable, pour it down the sink if a well-meaning friend buys it for you.

  46. Jaime Says:

    Been Celiac for almost 3 years. New Grist is the most disgusting GF beer ever… very vile! Mongozo is the best I can get here in Canada… Bards isn’t bad. Had a $9 Redbridge at the ball game game it to was OK but the price wasn’t. The Dry version of Strongbow is a good cider.

  47. Susila Says:

    Celiac for the last 2 years. And yes I do miss my European beer brands!!!! My 2 favourite GF beers are Estrella Damm Daura and the Bard’s.

  48. Mark Says:

    Exit #009 American Pale Ale is a gluten reduced beer made in Melbourne, Australia. It’s possibly the best beer I’ve ever tasted. Made with wheat but an enzyme is added that removes/ reduces the gluten content. My issues and tastes are absolutely identical to authors.

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