The Gluten Free Expo in Asheville, NC

This past weekend I was SO EXCITED to attend the annual Gluten Free Expo hosted by Ingles Markets and the Asheville and Hendersonville Gluten Free Support Groups at the Renaissance Asheville Hotel. I had originally heard about the expo through my friends at Gluten Free in NC.

Udi's NEW gluten free muffin tops

Udi's displaying their NEW gluten free muffin tops

I had already been registered for a yoga workshop all weekend, but was able to walk over in between yoga sessions with my friend Nicky and we spent an hour and a half sampling yummy cakes, cookies, beer, pizza, soups, sandwiches, chips, crackers, muffins from over 50 vendors. There were also lots of coupons and great information being handed out. It was HEAVEN (even if I did end up with a stuffed tummy by the end!). The event also had some sessions and presentations from health professionals, but I wasn’t able to attend those.

There were plenty of local businesses from the Asheville, NC area displaying their products, as well as national businesses. Highlights as follows…

I was pleased to see Moon Rabbit Foods at the expo (who also happened to have plenty of samples of their most delicious snacks). I have meant to blog about Moon Rabbit by now, but unfortunately haven’t gotten around to it. They have THE BEST gluten free cake, cookie, scone and focaccia/pizza mixes I’ve EVER tasted. Last Fall I made scones from their mix and they turned out SO GOOD. There is never a xanthum gum aftertaste like many other gluten free products (even though they use xanthum gum in their mixes). And they are always generous with their samples when I see them at the Farmers markets! If you’re not local, you can always purchase their gluten free mixes online.

Moon Rabbit Foods - Gluten Free Cake Mixes

Gluten Free Display of Moon Rabbit Foods

Moon Rabbit Gluten Free MixesMoon Rabbit Foods had so many samples (corn bread, scones, cakes, flatbread, focaccia (which is to DIE for!) and so many others – I forget them all, but I know I tried them all :-)

I believe that all of the vendors sell products inside Ingles grocers, which is great and convenient for me!

Next up was My Gluten-Free Bread Company, a bakery based in Hendersonville, NC (and a social enterprise). I didn’t manage to get a picture of their baked goods, but go to their website if you want to make your mouth water. On their menu they have banana bread listed, as well as multi-grain bread, sandwich bread, mock rye bread, and hamburger buns, in addition to cookies, vegan brownies, and coffee cake. I’m looking forward to trying more of their products!!

Yet another delicious baked goods company from the Asheville area was World’s Best Carrot Cake, who sells a pretty mean gluten free carrot cake on their website, even if it is a bit pricey. It tied with Moon Rabbit Foods for being one of my favorites at the expo.

gluten free carrot cake

And my day wouldn’t have been complete without tasting a few beers and ciders! Redbridge gluten free beer was there and they were also handing out samples of a new cider by Michelob, which was fairly tasty. However, my favorite cider to taste was from Woodchuck, their ‘Dark and Dry’ was not too sweet like most ciders.

michelob ultra gluten free cider

And in other gluten free beer news, a commenter on the blog recently told us about a Swedish study on gluten free beers that gives the count of gluten in a range of beers. Some gems, such as Carlsberg, Corona Extra, and Pilsner-Urquell are listed as having very low gluten counts (less than 20 ppm).

What goes great with beer? Pretzels!! And Snyder’s of Hanover has recently come out with gluten free pretzel sticks! And they are actually very good pretzels.

Snyder's Gluten Free Pretzels

So great to see so many options for being gluten free!

If you missed the expo, there will be another one in Greenville, SC on September 8, 2012. The cost is $5 and will be held at Kroc Center, 424 Westfield Street, Greenville, 29601 off Academy Street from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Let us know of any other gluten free events in your area!!

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  1. jim Says:

    thanks for the info on the swedish study… it looks like i’ll only be drinking corona or pilsner urquell from now on.

  2. leah mcgrath Says:

    Hope you’re coming to our expo this year! 4/27

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