Is Corona Gluten Free?

is corona gluten freeWhen you first stop eating gluten, it takes a while to learn what most likely contains gluten and what doesn’t. Of course, I knew that beer contained gluten, but what about hard cider? Or mixed drinks? Were there other options for me to still enjoy one of my all-time favorite past times: drinking.

Because I quit eating gluten due to a range of health issues which improved tenfold when I did, I’ve never been formally diagnosed with Celiac disease. Therefore, I can take small doses of gluten without completely killing myself. But, I try to stay away from it completely.

Except I have one weakness.


I LOVE beer. (And nothing goes better with pizza, by the way!)

At the early point in my gluten free lifestyle (over two years ago now) I asked a server at a local bar if they had any gluten free beer (which I had never tried at this point, but I had heard it existed.) She told me no, but they did have hard cider. I don’t generally like to drink sweet things, so I was debating over this option, when she suggested to me a Corona. Her friend, who is gluten-free, drinks Corona all the time, she said, because it is made from corn, not wheat, (she said) and contains only small traces of gluten. Or so she thought. But, hey, it doesn’t take much to talk me into a beer, so of course I went for it.

And you know what? I didn’t really notice any change in my symptoms. The Corona didn’t seem to affect me much at all. Over the last two years, I’ve experimented a lot with what WILL affect me. Mostly what gets burdened is my digestive system, but also my allergies and asthma. This has resulted in me vowing to NEVER EVER devour three slices of bread, several beers, and a piece of cake in one sitting, even if it IS my birthday party.

But over the past couple of years I’ve drank Corona on and off, not noticing much of an impact. I’ve also tried drinking light beers every now and again (more like every couple of months), like Bud Light or Coors Light or PBR, and haven’t noticed much of an impact either. That’s got me wondering — how much gluten is in these beers? I imaging they are mostly water. I DO have extreme problems if I drink the beers I really want to drink, strong wheat Belgians like a Leffe or Chimay. But not so much with these lighter beers. So, what’s the deal? If my body can take small doses of gluten, shouldn’t it be possible to know how MUCH gluten a product contains?

I made mention to Corona Canada of my curiosity over the amount of gluten in Corona via my twitter account, and they got right back to me with this tweet:

is corona gluten free tweet

The link that they provided regarding Corona’s ingredients says this:

“What are the ingredients of Corona Extra? Corona Extra is made with all natural ingredients, water, barley, hops and yeast”

Notice, it says nothing like the waitress told me about it being brewed with corn, so I have no clue where her and her friend came up with that one. Yes, Corona is gold, but I don’t think that means it’s made from corn!! And, yes, barley contains gluten, so there you have it — Corona is NOT gluten free.

It was quite nice of the Corona people to get back to me (and so quickly — Twitter is great for customer service!) but there is still an unanswered question: how much gluten IS in a Corona? What percentage is gluten? What percentage is water?

And a larger question for the gluten free community: Is this something that people with gluten sensitivities SHOULD be asking, or should we just be trying to avoid it altogether? Should we be trying to not only find out if something is gluten free, but also, if it does contain gluten, how much gluten? Because ultimately it’s up to us (and our bodies) to make that choice between a little discomfort and a whole lot of discomfort. I’d like to know how I’m going to feel later, BEFORE making the choice to eat/drink something.

And I’ve got to say it: I don’t want to avoid gluten completely if I don’t have to. I’ve been self-medicating myself through healthy eating, being conscientious, taking natural vitamins and herbs, exercise and trying different things to see what works for me for years. And if I really want a beer, and I see on the label that one beer contains x amount of gluten, while another contains a much lesser amount of gluten, I might just go ahead and drink that beer with the lesser amount rather than forgo a beer altogether!

I <3 Beer. [UPDATE: If you love beer, and I assume you do since you're still reading this, I wrote a more recent post about my top five gluten free beers.]

What do ya’ll think? Should companies post the volume of gluten on their labels? An estimated volume? I’m not sure how gluten is measured. ?? Questions, questions!

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  1. Karen Says:

    I was hoping there was no malt barley in corona too. I did test positive for celiac so I can’t even have a sip. I was reading a corona bottle in Bermuda in April. The bottle was from the Caribbean or Mexico and it listed corn as one of the ingredients. I was thereofre hoping the malt was corn malt…wrote to them but no reply. At least I now know I can’t drink the Canadian corona, but I still have a slim hope about the Mexican /carribean bottles! Cheers.

  2. Deirdre Says:

    Thank you for posting this. I’ve searched the internet and there are so many differing opinions, that it’s nice to hear straight from someone who has a gluten sensitivity/intolerance rather than people who think they know (like that waitress). We’re camping this weekend and I don’t want to drink hard alcohol, so I think I’m going to take a chance with corona light. I get major digestive issues from gluten, so I’ll be cautious. But I really want a beer while camping!

  3. Gluten Free Says:


    That’s very interesting about the Mexico Corona — Let us know if you hear back from them. I’m curious as to what they might say. I tried finding someone to contact at Corona, but the only reply I received was from the Canadian Corona people.

    Thanks for posting,

  4. Gluten Free Says:


    You may want to try picking up some Red Bridge or Bard’s — both are gluten free. (And almost better than a Corona.)

    Have a great time camping this weekend!


  5. Mary Says:

    I was going to mention Bard’s Beer. I’ve had both Red Bridge and Bard’s and Bard’s is my favorite hands down!

    Although it’s been a very long time since I’ve had a “real” beer, (I’ve been a celiac for 22 years), I think Bard’s tastes most like what I remember beer tasting like. ;)

  6. coffman Says:

    Just got back from Peru and Brazil. Products were marked very well for gluten (really cool) but I could not find any gluten free beer. I resolved to drink a Corona partly because I was too tired from the travel to care. I braced for the reaction…nothing. A good beer and no reaction. I usually get sick pretty quick and have been drinking sorgham beer in the states. I am trying a USA Corona now and we will see. I agree on the % labeling, it would really help. I have made several gulps when I read that they might be made with different ingerediants in different locations…. we will see

  7. Federica Says:

    I have great news to all of you!!
    I am from Argentina, and I was researching for any extra information regarding Corona… in Argentina Corona beer made in Mexico was analyzed and they discovered that the ppm amount of gluten is too low. And off course as everyone who has get use to the idea of not drinking beer this cause a Shock. A group from Mexico also analyzed Corona beer in Mexico and they also found out that it is GLUTEN FREE!!! or at least ppm is too low so it can be tolerated.

    The best gluten free beer I have ever drank (since I was told of CD was one from Spain: Estrella Daura) and the reason why it is so good is that it has a little bit of barley but not enough to be bad for us :)

    Now I read your posts of not having any symptoms with Corona I am very happy and looking forward to have a bottle of Corona with lemon in any bar or restaurant or disco, this is amazing!!!! :)

  8. Jane Says:

    The Giant Eagle at Settlers Ridge has a wonderful selection of GF beers, and the newest one from Spain – yummy! Also, Greens from Belgium in 3 different flavors. These put Redbridge and Bards to shame… expensive but worth it. Also, Strongbow is probably the best hard cider around (in my humble opinion).

  9. Twila Says:

    I drink bud light lime. I read that it is primarily rice based. I am very sensitive to wheat and am okay with this beer!!!

  10. coffman Says:

    Have had no reaction to a Corona since I have come back to the states. I only drink one at a sitting, but that is heaven to me. Glad to hear about the Argentina mix, wish we could get it here. Will try the brand in Spain and check out Giant eagle…… life is good

  11. Adriana Says:

    Yes yes yes! Totally agree with the % thing! I’m not much of a beer drinker but my husband gets a stomach ache every time he has beer and I suggested to him that he might be gluten intolerant/sensitive so I plan to secretly test him haha :-P I am gluten sensitive and I’ve noticed that I can eat small amounts of certain foods without it effecting me. So I would love it if companies could do that so the Gluten sensitive community isn’t so limited.

  12. Joseph M. Says:

    It is a good idea to have a % of gluten on Corona bottles and cans. I was diagnosed in 2001 and found that I was Coeliac. I gave up all types of pasta,pastry and bread. It was hard at the beginning but I got used to it (to eat gluten free food) I can drink Corona Extra with no side effects, knowing that I can’t have not even a small crumb of bread in the butter dish while having a toast. I can confirm that if there is an amount of gluten in this beer, the amount is very small.

    Enjoy your bear cold,and enjoy your life cool!!

  13. Rick Says:

    I have not been diagnosed with Celiac intolerance but have been gluten free since April 2010. If I accidentally eat gluten, I get sick for two or three days. I read what people are saying about Corona and I tried it yesterday with no affects. There is only one restaurant in the area that I know serves Redbridge. We are going to Mexico in November so I’ll be able to drink beer.

  14. krista Says:

    ive had cd for about 11 years, i dont want to be the one to ruin your day, but just because you dont have symptoms after ingesting gluten doesnt mean you arent doing damage to your digestive system. each time you ingest gluten your white bloodcells get busy attackin it and your gut lining aka celiac. gluten allergy makes your body attack that gut lining , that gut lining is what lets you soak up your food and vitamins. you want that gut lining to be as healthy as possible or your going to start getting vitamin deficient, and also it ups your chance of developing stomach cancer by a large margin.if your so craving alcoholic beverages, try making your own alcohol, its legal in my state ar, to make 100gal of beer and wine type alcohols per adult family member in the household. it is illegal to make the hard stuff or distilled stuff though. you can find recipes all over the internet for making it yourself. its much better than ingesting the gluten and having a setback. you need your stomach lining in as good a shape asyou can get it cause that is a large part of your immune system also. good luck with your search.

  15. Andrea Says:

    Corona might not be entirely gluten free but it is within the limits to be called so. One corona contains less than 20 ppm or less per beer. The limit for gluten free is 200 ppm. Have in mind that there are beers containing well over 2000 ppm. Of course if you drink several of corona beer at once the overall glutenlevel increases. Let’s say you drink 10 of them in one night you might be up in a level that might harm you. It is safe to drink corona if you’re gluten intolerant if you do it moderately.

    Here are the facts to back it up. It’s a survey done by the swedish food-agency.

    Here you can find a list of some beers (mostly swedish though):

  16. Dan Says:

    When we were traveling to Norway, I was checking on GF beer while I was there. I was told about Corona Extra as being gluten free. The Norwegians tested it and found it so low in gluten, it was declared safe. After ‘test driving” many cases over the last few years, I have had no negative results. Thank you to my Norwegian friends. The other GF beer quite frankly tastes like crap.

  17. PJ Says:

    I think the limit is 20 ppm.

  18. Maria Says:

    Just a note…barley does not contain wheat…it contains gluten. I am allergic to wheat, but not to barley, so some people may be able to tolerate a barley hops beer while others may not. It’s best to be sure about your condition. Just because you don’t notice outward symptoms doesn’t mean your body isn’t experiencing some internal inflammation and other distress.

  19. Gluten Free Says:


    Right — I think that is what I meant, that Barley contains gluten…editing the blog post now :-) Thanks!

  20. Josh Says:

    I was told by a Whole Foods store worker that they test the beers for gluten ppm and corona light tests gluten free, they just can’t label it that because their facilities are not gluten free. So Corona light according to Whole Foods is a hush hush gluten free beer.

  21. sara gnurps99 Says:

    i also am SUPER sensitive, a crumb of wheat, or a smidge of any gluten and I am super super sick….

    NOTHING from Corona….no reation zero zilch…

    I say NO there is NO GLUTEN in corona, my stomach is a pretty good barometer…

    is there anyone out there who has reactions to corona?!?!?!?

  22. Scott Says:

    I would just love for these beer companies to test their PPM and tell us. I guarantee Bud Light and Corona are less than 20ppm therefore safe for Celiacs. I drink them all the time and have no issues. Why won’t they test this and market it? Especially Corona as they don’t offer a GF beer. Now, Anheiser Busch offers Redbridge which is $9 a six pack. They have a vested interest in keeping quiet about Bud Light’s gluten levels.

  23. Gluten Free Says:

    Ha, yes, very good point, Scott! Why market existing (and cheap!) beer as also being gluten free when you can market a different brand of “gluten free” beer and charge an arm and a leg?!

  24. Joaquin Guiraldes Says:

    There are some very ignorant conclusions in this article. First off, whiskey is also made from barley, but it is gluten free because in the distillation process most of the gluten is removed. Corona is made from barley malt most of the beer is derived from corn and rice, therefore it is possible that the distilled malt has had its gluten removed and the rest of the recipe is gluten free rice and corn. The reason why corona doesn’t say anything? Mexico is in the stone age regarding celiacs, 90% of people there don’t even know about the disease. Also, if corona came out to say there beer was gluten free they would have to go through all kinds of factory reformations and health inspections to back it up. The beer already sells great, and celiacs drink it anyway, this way they keep production cheap.

  25. Gluten Free Says:

    thanks for enlightening us and removing our ignorance. do you have any facts/resources to back up your claims? the reason i wrote the post is to get answers, not to make any definite conclusions, so I’d love to know more about this process of making beer and whiskey and so on and real resources on the subject.

  26. Gluten Free Says:

    Also, when you say “it is gluten free because

    of the gluten is removed”, it makes me wonder if ALL the gluten is removed? I’d love to see some real facts or someone from the whiskey making industry to confirm this.

  27. Jeff Says:

    Just so everyone knows, I have had business dealings with Groupo Modelo (the parent company that brews Corona Extra), I’ve even been to their headquarters in Mexico City… all Corona Extra is brewed in Mexico and then shipped around the world. So the ingredients are identical no matter where you purchase it (be it in the US, Argentina or Norway).

    I have just recently started a GF diet. I am a big beer drinker and have tried some of the GF brands (Redbridge, Estrella Daura, New Planet) and am not crazy about them. So, I am looking forward to going back to Corona or Corona Light and seeing if I have any reaction.

    Thanks for the article!

  28. Michael Says:

    Just for the sake of accuracy…

    I was diagnosed about 10 years ago with celiac disease and have been on the gluten-free diet since and my health is VASTLY improved.

    Celiac Disease does not cause harm to the tissues of your stomach. It is a disease of the small intestine. See here: for one of many available descriptions of its effects on the body.

    I hate the gluten-free diet, but I stick to it because I hate not being on it more. And I hate all of the gluten-free beers I’ve tried. I, too, found the Argentinian research on Corona, tried it, and now I drink it. I don’t notice any harmful effects, but I can’t say it doesn’t have any. However, my blood tests continue to come back showing no antigens so…

    Hey. You have to live your life. We’re all dying of something anyway. I want a beer and Corona seems to do it for me.

  29. Scott Says:

    I’ve been a celiac for 12 years and have been drinking Corona constantly. It’s made with Mais(Corn) but also contains barley malt. The Swedish government has done research on a mix of beers and the results they came up with is that Corona, Carlsberg, & Pilsner Urquell contain less than 20 ppm gluten in them which is considered gluten free. And as far as I know Corona is only brewed in Mexico

  30. Gluten Free Says:

    Wow – thanks for letting us know! I did a little Google search and found that study here –

    Pretty cool!

    Thanks for the info! I like Pilsner Urquell a lot, but hadn’t thought about that one being low in gluten!

  31. jim Says:

    I was going to post to the swedish study but apparently it’s already been linked numerous times.

    Additionally, your sentence:
    “I have no clue where her and her friend came up with that one.”

    should be:
    I have no clue where she and her friend came up with that one.”

  32. Lem Jones Says:

    Hi there,

    Just got the diagnose of intolerance and I am on a mission to test myself on the following brands I heard will not have a “kick in the stomach” effect… Tried small amounts of Corona over easter and that was no problem.

    Asahi Superdry (Japanese beer based on rice)
    Sol (More or less the same as Corona, right?)
    Lapin Kulta (Finnish beer my doctor said was safe)

    Have a nice weekend… Bracing myself for the reaction haha!


  33. Kelly Says:

    I was recently diagnosed with celiac and I LOVE beer. I have tried all the gluten free beers and I cant stand them. I love coors light but know that i cant have that. I will definately try corona. Does anyone have any feed back on other ‘normal’ beers, like bid light lime??

  34. Erin Says:

    Hi all!

    I tested negatively for Celiac but since eliminating gluten from my diet, my digestive issues have gone away!

    If I drink a wheat beer, I feel it in my stomach INSTANTLY as well. I love beer. Another mainstream beer that I can tolerate is Heineken and Heineken light. They also have very low gluten! Thanks to everyone who has contributed. I’m going out tonight and needed to know what beers I can (probably) tolerate!

  35. Elizabeth Says:

    The links to the Swedish study are no longer working. Does anybody know how to find it again? I tried a search of Google and PubMed already.

  36. Debbie Says:

    I just recently got celiac, I heard corona is gluten free, this beer doesn’t bother me!! As other beer will, so thanks for the comments from everyone! I really hope just because it doesn’t bother me that I’m not harming my small intestines!!:-) to bad we don’t know for sure. But as a beer lover, it’s nice to find a cheers that I hope isn’t killing me”

  37. Lucas Says:

    I am in the exact same boat – I have not been officially diagnosed with celiace disease (or a gluten intolerance for that matter) but since I have gone to a gluten-free diet my digestive problems have gone away. I, too, will dabble in foods containing gluten.

    I, too (again), have discovered that Corona does not effect me much as a heavier beer (that I love as well) such as Guinness.

    Lucky for me, I do actually enjoy the gluten-free beers. Bard’s is my favorite, but is hard to find sometimes. Redbridge is good as well and is easier to find.

    Much like yourself, I am interested in knowing the levels of gluten. It would be nice to know what kind of effect I would get and where my tolerance may lie.

  38. margaret Says:

    So thrilled to find this thread. Although I’m not celiac I’ve recently discovered that I do have other reactions to wheat & feel so much better when off of it… but I do have a weakness for Corona and was worried it was undermining my healthy diet. I haven’t noticed a reaction with Corona but as I said, I don’t have a strong digestive reaction anyway. (Just heartburn if i eat of wheat and other skin/ headache problems) Not sure what my sensitivity is, gluten or other parts of wheat. I found the book Wheat Belly to be so insightful. Anyway, i will continue to drink my Corona since it doesn’t seem to be bothering me & feel a little less guilty!!

  39. Chantle Says:

    I’m glad to hear of more options for those of us with gluten sensitivity. I live in an area where there are many options for beer just not ones I can drink. If you live in Oregon there is a new option that I have tried and really like but it’s not sold out of state yet and this is labeled GF!!

  40. Gluten Free Says:


    I feel the same way! I’m in Asheville, NC, aka Beer City USA for the last three years, yet there’s still not a local gluten free brew. HOWEVER, my friend in Portland told me about this other gluten free beer, which I have yet to try, but he says it’s tasty — There – now you have two options! But I believe this beer is also only being sold in Portland right now.

  41. sara Says:

    i am so excited to find this thread! i have recently gone gf and beer has been incredibly hard to give up! i have found a few i have learned to enjoy, and just wanted to make a note about the spanish brand estrella daura… it is actually made with wheat and barely, but during the brewing process, they add some sort of enzyme that breaks down the gluten so that the end product has a very small amount of gluten in it. I think more companies need to adopt this method so that we can all enjoy yummy wheat beers again someday :) since drinking daura, i have had no adverse reactions to it, and i am very sensitive.
    my honeymoon is coming up in the fall and i am now so excited to know that i will be able to drink beer, all thanks to corona extra!!! thank you!!

  42. Dougly Dooright Says:

    All this sounds so familiar. I am coming to the conclusion that it’s not whether you are gluten intolerant or have full blown Celiac disease, the new working phrase should be ‘Monsanto Intolerant’. Anybody check for GMOs in Coronas. I love the stuff also and it is one of the few beers that does agree with me. I’ve tried to find any information about this but nothing is coming up.

  43. PFM Says:

    What about the new San Miguel fresca? Is it made the same way as Corona?

  44. Shane Says:

    I am also interested in the GMO’s in beer. The Redbridge label used to read: water, sorghum, hops and yeast. Now they’ve added corn syrup(GMO) to the ingredients. No doubt to keep the costs down but like any big company its at the expense of our health. I no longer drink Redbridge because of this and would also like to know if anyone has checked for GMO’s in Corona

  45. Corona 1 Fan! Says:

    Hi, I loved reading all the articles about the Corona, I am going to pick up a 6 pack and lime today on the way home. I will let you know how I do. I am Celiac as well and I do not remember Corona bothering my stomach years ago as other beers did.

    Hope it works for me as I miss an ice cold Cornona and a Lime!

  46. Tim Says:

    I recently discovered that Corona does not mess me up, nor Bud Light but most other beers do, including Heineken. Looking forward to trying Sol and Asahi, I feel some research coming on. Definitely Wheat intolerant possibly Celiac it’s very common in my family. Irish Whiskey is all good, rum is all good, vodka (the real deal) is all good, red wine good too. Loving my Coronas just lately

  47. Corona 1 Fan! Says:

    Well I tired Corona, it does bother my tummy just a bit not much to make me sick just a noticeable feeling.
    I got my sinus problem back and my joints are achy.

    I will now take it out of my diet and try it again in a couple of weeks to make sure that is what is bothering me.

    I will keep you posted!

  48. Connie Says:

    I have been drinking Asahi for the last several years, and it hasn’t bothered me at all.
    I used to drink Coronas before I was diagnosed with Celiac, and had given them up because of it.
    I’m going to go a six pack of Coronas because that was my favorite before the diagnosis and I’ve missed drinking them.
    Cheers, everyone!

  49. shawn Says:

    great thread! some of the GF beers like bards are ok and even a cold redbridge is ok…but those are still hard to find and good luck finding one eating out! i am not celiac but supposed to avoid wheat…i have never heard that corona could be better from a gluten standpoint until soneone said it at party last night (then i found this thread!)…pardon my ignorance..if indeed corona has lower gluten ppm does that mean its ok from a wheat perspective?? i will try it…i dont get big adverse reactions but i know in general that wheat is an allergy to my system and hence hurts the immune system…great discussion..

  50. GARRY Says:

    Great letters. I am in a different boat than most of you. I had colon cancer 2 years followed by chemos & radiation. When I drink (I am a beer snob) European beer the next day my I am affected by the beer. 2 weeks ago during a golf outing I didn’t want to drink a mixed drink or cooler so I tried a Corona, then another, and a few more. The next day no problem. With a different drewing process or whatever it seems to work.
    Dos cerveza pour favour!

  51. sara Says:

    shawn – corona is not made with wheat, it’s just the barely that could potentially be a problem for most of us because it contains gluten. if you can have gluten, just not wheat, corona should work well for you :)

    as for me, i found this thread a few months ago and have finally found a night that i don’t have anything going on tomorrow that i need to be alert for to test this out (just in case i do have an adverse reaction). so far i’m good, and i can usually feel when i have been “glutened” within 30min of ingesting it – right now i’m about an hour in and so far so good!!! this will honestly be the best thing ever if it works out well! i am also a huge fan of estrella daura and highly recommend that to beer lovers (even my non-gluten free fiance likes it) :)

  52. Barbara Says:

    I am gluten-intolerant and starch-intolerant. I have been drinking Corona for years and can tolerate Bud also but stick to Corona. But not Corona Light or Bud Light. Don’t drink everyday but every week or so.

  53. Petra Says:

    Hi! Here is another link to the Swedish site:

  54. Fish Girl Says:

    Corona from Mexico is NOT gluten free. Small traces equals NOT GLUTEN FREE. Celiac patients be aware. The small amount of gluten is still gluten for people who suffer from Celiac. Now for those of you that are wheat sensitive go for it. It will, likely, not bother you if consumed in small amounts.

  55. megan Says:

    omg i completely agree. it was my birthday this weekend and my boyfriend imported me bud light as you dont get it in the UK. i have a low intolerence so naturally im going to drink and enjoy it regardles !!

  56. Jillian Says:

    Well my mom and I are both GF and hoped for our wallets sake these corona rumors were true but we both reacted poorly after a nite sucking them back… Im not as sensitive as her but she had a “bridesmaids” moment on the hiking trail the next day… Eek
    Off to try bud light tonite before long weekend camping… Love GF beer but need cans at the campground and haven’t seen it in anything but bottles

  57. Gluten Free Beer That Doesn’t Make Me Gag | The Gluten Free Diet Says:

    [...] blog has gotten a lot of visits from people looking for either gluten free beer or wondering whether or not Corona is gluten free. Beer, it seems, and whether Celiacs and the gluten-sensitive crowd can drink it, is on a lot of [...]

  58. Jenny W Says:

    I have been gluten free for years, as I found many chronic health issues disappeared completely when I went GF. I’m of half Norwegian descent, and travel to Scandinavia frequently. Due to there being such a high number of celiacs of Scandinavian descent, there are a lot of gluten free products available in the stores. On my last few trips I noticed that the grocery stores were stocking large amounts of Corona, alongside all the traditional Norwegian beers. My brother had himself and his two children tested, and all were gluten intolerant. He is extremely fastidious about following a gluten free diet, and told me about Corona being gluten free. I tried one for the first time the other night, and noticed no ill effects.

  59. Steve Says:

    I had 4 Coronas last night, thinking it would be ok based on some of what I have read. I have a bad gluten reaction going on today, or at least what I’d consider it to be a gluten reaction. Sinus reaction, headache, and diarreah. Have never been diagnosed with CD, but went GF a few years ago, and typically have some reaction to it. Consider yourself lucky if you don’t react to Corona, but I won’t be touching it ever again.

  60. Chris L Says:

    This thread is very interesting. After reading this just after I was diagnosed GF I bought a commercial gluten test kit so I could test Corona. I’m not sure about where corona in Australia comes from(Mexico or brewed under license elsewhere) but the result of the test showed less than 5ppm gluten, i.e. absolutely negligible. Now am not sure if gluten in food is what is in beer, I’m told in beer,it is chemically changed and goes by another name, now please don’t flame me if this BS. Suffice to say, me being a beer lover, have been a corona drinker for quite a while and subsequent celiac tests, only blood not biopsy, have indicated I am GF compliment and also have no indication of any gluten consumption symptoms and believe me bread etc causes me grief. Am consuming a corona as I pen this.

  61. ralph harwig Says:

    While many beers are made from barley many of them lose the gluten during the process. Sapporo cannot say it is gluten free but the manufacturer said that when they create the beverage the gluten rises to the top and scooped out. Coors light does well for me along with tecate. I have had redbridge and still stiffened up my joints so I prefer even bud light. Try a couple and see.

  62. Paul M Says:

    @Megan – what a very considerate b/f you have :) I have been looking to import bud light to the UK for ages…no joy. Could you point me in the right direction? Cheers

  63. Rob A Says:

    Sounds like good news to me I’ve often wondered about corona & was given a couple of 6 packs today so I found this blog. Best gf beer I’ve found so far is Schnitzer brau sold in Australia at Dan Murphys.It’s made from millet & tastes like really beer

  64. Cory Levin Says:

    Hey guys. I have been diagnose celiac disease since I can’t eat any GLUTEN products expect the corn products are okay. I noticed in western/ eastern Europe is expanding more gluten free selections. I currently reside in the west coast near the beach. But I do see it’s is currently growing more gluten free products in the west coast. I know the east coast has a lot of selections of gluten-free. So, I am doing some research trying to find gluten free beer. The Bevemo Beverage market is the only place to sell gluten- free beer. In addition, I will maintain to search more stores that sell gluten-free beer. It is frustrated! it is not fair that other people can eat whatever they want since a lot of them are gluten products. I think the food corporations needs to recognized there is a lot of people that are diagnose celiac disease. I wanted to commented about Corona beer does not give me stomach. but it has some gluten in it. Strange huh? OH by the way? dark soda contain gluten since it is caramel coloring. Thank you for taking your time to read this and you have a good one.

  65. Cat Says:

    Well, I have read all these comments and think I will give Corona a try. I have been diagnosed for 7 years and have only tried GF beers. I am looking forward to drinking a real beer for the 1st time and will let you know how I react to it! It is true that gluten can hurt your gut and put you at risk for many cancers and anemia, not just a sick tummy. But as long as it is less than 20ppm. I think it is probably safe. Cheers!

  66. Mike Says:

    The best gluten free beer I have tried is a Turkish one called Efes, and unlike many “gluten free” beers it is cheapish, but delicious.

  67. Michelle Says:

    I’m curious as to why Canadian Corona would be different than Mexican Corona if they were both made in Mexico. I love beer too, and when I saw the thing about Corona being good for a GF diet on Wikipedia, I thought I’d try it to see if I react. In fact, I have one sitting in front of me right now, almost empty.

    I haven’t noticed much of a reaction yet. No instant bloating or tummy-twist like I used to get when I drank beer. I guess I won’t know until tomorrow morning, unless my strange eczema “gluten indicator” starts flaring up and itching like crazy later on. :)

  68. Chris Says:

    I am pretty sensitive to Gluten but not a Celiac… I have had the tests. I drink Sapporo if I want to have a beer and Magners (Irish, Apple or Pear, both are great) if I am going to drink a cider… also like William’s (Apple Cider, Canadian) and Sir Perry (Pear Cider, English)… all much better than Strongbow.

    This Corona thing is very interesting, especially with summer at the cottage on the horizon… my Brother who forwarded me this post is also Gluten sensitive and he drinks Coors Light… which I can’t handle as it gives me headaches and leaves me without energy the next day… haha not talking about having more than about 2 either… but I will probably risk giving Corona a try. Thanks!

  69. Suzanne Says:

    So… I’ve had a Corona a couple times lately after reading that it has less than 20 ppm of gluten, and I didn’t really notice any reaction. However, last night I had two in one sitting, and feel quite sick today. There’s a chance that I was just dehydrated or sick from eating something else contaminated, but I just thought I would tell everyone to be cautious about trying it. I have not been diagnosed as celiac, but I eat gluten-free to control IBS-like symptoms (probably just gluten-intolerance). I know from past experiences that I am definitely sensitive to barley gluten.

  70. Dino Says:

    The swedish government made a new test about gluten ppm in beer. The test that are spoken about earlier in this thread was the old one, going back a few years.

    Here is the new one:(2013)

    For those who dont speak Swedish, just scroll down a bit and you’ll find the charts.

    It says in the text that they tested three different productiondates on each beer. Something interesting is that corona tested under the measurable levels 10mg/litre on all three dates, while Saxon (that is labled gfree) had values around 20ppm on 1 in 3 dates. The other 2 dates there was no gluten at all in saxon.


  71. Bill Paxton Says:

    Does anyone know about Japanese rice larger studies in ppm? I have an intollerance, been GF for a couple of years. I drank a huge Modelo and a huge Sapporo with no problems (same night btw). Are there any studies on the ppm for gluten in these beers (having a huge Asahai right now, we’ll see…)

  72. Steve Says:

    Estrella Daura, from Spain, and Omission Lager and Ale, from Portland, Oregon, are barely beers that use an enzyme called Clarex that actually breaks down the gluten. They may still contain a tiny amount of gluten so super sensitive people might want to avoid them, but I’ve consumed them many time without problems. Clarex has been used by brewers for a long time to stop something called cold clouding where the beers cloud up when chilled. Scientists discovered it also destroys the gluten. There are a growing number of GF beers in the US that are brewed from sorghum, buckwheat, rice and other GF substances that are totally safe for even the most sensitive celiac sufferer. Goose Island Brewery, in Chicago, has a quinoa beer sold only on tap.

  73. angel Says:

    The thing with corona is it contains corn which is GMO. Redbridge has corn syrup as well. The challenge is finding products that are gluten free and gmo free. At this point beers like Bard’s is your best bet. I know there are other gluten free beers out there that don’t have GMO’s. Just stay away from the ones from the big corps like Anheiser Busch.

  74. NorskeDiv Says:

    Interesting that Corona might be gluten free. I’m tempted to try it and see what happens! As others point out even if you don’t have a reaction, you might still be damaging your gut – so it’s not something to partake in often if it has any amount of gluten.

    As to it being GMO free, there would be no chemical difference between a beer that is made from GM crops and one that is not, it would be impossible to devise some test that would tell you which is which (DNA is broken down during fermentation). Personally I am more concerned about organic fertilizers being made from pristine Mascagnite (ammonium sulfate) formations just to make “organic” fertilizers, and the lives endangered by harvesting it from around Volcanoes in third world countries.

  75. travis Says:

    I would love a list of beer, that are wheat free. i think i am wheat intolerant, not gluten. i’m going to try corona or bud light today, and see if i get sick. had three bud light last weekend didn’t get sick. if anyone has a wheat free list, please, put it out there.

  76. Mark Says:

    Great to find a site with well informed people. Several years ago tested negative for gluten antibodies but still suspected gluten sensitivity, because of other food and chemical sensitivities. Been gluten free for two weeks and I’m doing fine…but I miss beer. And for all the years I was drinking beer and living in Miami, never tried Corona! I’ve always been behind the curve, lol. I’ll be picking up a six pack, along with my favorite Riesling, Flip Flop, from California.

  77. joel Says:

    Corona does include corn btw… its just not required to be listed by the FDA.

  78. Oscar Says:


    I am a Celiac from Spain who has lived in different countries. One of them was Sweden. I have not read all the replies but since those links are not working any longer you can find the mentioned analysis from the Swedish Celiac Institute posted on my old blog ( It is a downloadable PDF (Swedish language) on the right down side of the web. It is from 2005 I think but seems safe anyway. I keep drinking Corona since then and no problems apparently, besides the regular side effects of a hangover :) . About the other brands mentioned in the study below the limits I am not sure because I think for some of those it depends on the manufacturing place.

    If you go to Japan try Lemon Sour (it’s not beer but tastes awesome and you can find it almost anywhere) It’s made out of Sochu (rice alcohol). They also sell a sinthetic beer made out of beans but is not very tasty. You can also try chu-hi…not my favourite but enough for some parties.

    Hope it helps,

  79. Jeffrey Forzley Says:

    First, there are 2 gluten conditions: Celiac disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. Celiac is a severe gluten allergy that results in immediate GI symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea…). Non-Celiac GS still causes an immune reaction just not as severe. However, it may be worse since you continue to eat gluten (wheat, rye and barley) because the symptoms are not severe. Symptoms from consuming gluten can be GI (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, gas, bloating) or neurological (headaches, dizziness, brain fog, poor memory, poor mental focus…).

    There are 24 epitopes (sub-groups) of gluten. Most doctors only test alpha gliadin or transglutaminase. These are only 2 of the 24 epitopes. In my clinic, I test all 24 epitopes and diagnose many missed gluten sensitivities.

    Apparently Corona Light is GF but I can’t say for sure. Just because you don’t have symptoms when you drink a certain non GF beer doesn’t mean you are not having a low level immune reaction that can accumulate over time. There are certified gluten free beers that are a much better option than unknown gluten free beers. Brunehaut is a good certified GF beer. It contains less than 5 PPM of gluten.

  80. De Says:

    Corona has a very small amount of gluten. Lots of folks can drink it without digestive distress. One Corona contains less than 20 ppm or less per beer. The limit for gluten free is 200 ppm. Other beers contain well over 2000 ppm. Mexican Corona’s are actually marked gluten-free

  81. pamela Says:

    this is great. thank you, especially for the swedish report. i have been largely gluten free for a number of years and would drink the occasional corona because i really missed beer especially with mexican food! it seemed to me that it didn’t bother me but thought maybe it was just wishful thinking. yee haw. i have one in the fridge waiting for me.

  82. John Friery Says:

    Sprecher Brewing in Milwaukee has a Shakparo beer that is millet and sorghum. Great Beer to try!

  83. Karen Says:

    De Says – when you say “Mexican corona’s are marked gluten free”, do you mean on the bottles in Mexico? (I actully thought all corona was bottled in mexico). And the “limit” for gluten free, at least in Canada, is 20 ppm, not 200.

  84. Hazel Says:

    I know this is a old thread but please bear with me, after much research on gluten free lager i found this blog. I read it and rushed out and bought a 4 pack.. I had one bottle at 6pm all was ok then at 2am I was woken with the all too familiar stomach cramps.. So it looks for me no Corona although I did enjoy that one bottle 8-)

  85. Hazel Says:

    Sorry meant to add I am Celiac

  86. Tammy Says:

    Has anyone tried the Cristal beer in Cuba? I am going away soon and trying to figure out what I can drink. PS Canadian Bud Light and Coors Light do not bother me. Bush light makes me very sick

  87. Mary Says:

    I ron’t know where you live, but Warrenvill Il right outside Chicago has a brewery called Two Brothers and their Prairie Path beer is gluten free and tastes great! It is less than 4 on the gluten scale which is virtually nothing

  88. Diana Pozzi Says:

    Corn gluten isn’t the same as from the wheat family (barley, rye, etc.). We can have wine, au de vie & hard cider–they don’t contain the gluten we can’t have naturally. Most distilled spirits are okay, since we now know that the gluten molecules can’t get through the distilling process. Not all alcoholic beverages are distilled.

    Now that we know this, we don’t have to seek out gf extracts, like vanilla. The ‘regular’ vanilla extract is naturally gf! The vanilla bean also contains no gluten, naturally.

    I’m still trying to find a local, craft brew that is gf for cooking with. The closest I could find was out of Portland, OR. I like shopping local.

  89. What Is On A Gluten Free Diet | time4 Says:

    [...] Is Corona Gluten Free? | The Gluten Free Diet – Just got back from Peru and Brazil. Products were marked very well for gluten (really cool) but I could not find any gluten free beer. I resolved to drink a Corona …… [...]

  90. Mick Says:

    I m an Aussie and I have been tested for celiac which came back negative although every time I drink beer which I love I feel bloated in the stomache and can’t eat after.
    I have been drinking Corona Extra this summer for the first time – Australia (brewed in Mexico) and I have noticed that I am not bloated and feel like eating after, not sure if it is the lower gluten or the discussions around no wheat and corn ingredient but I will be sticking to Cororna for the moment.

  91. Donald Says:

    I tried many of the gluten free beers. I felt Bards tasted the best. I didn’t like Redbridge at all.

    The reason Corona tests below 20 PPM for gluten is because it is a super lite beer. It is light in color and flavor and subsequently light in gluten content.

    The one GF beer I really like it Omission. Omission beer is brewed with regular malted barley. But they use a process to remove the gluten after it is brewed. I especially like the robust Pale Ale.

    I am extremely gluten sensitive but experienced no adverse reaction to Omission.

  92. Becky Says:

    Guiness is wheat free for the person who asked about wheat free beers. I wish was there was a list as I am not sensitive to barley. Excited about the corona though, now cue summer! Cheers.

  93. Sarah Christian Says:

    How can I find out more about corn in Corona? I’m sensitive to both corn and wheat

  94. Nurse Says:

    I have celiac, and am pretty sensitive and no I cannot drink Corona without major GI upset.

  95. Lj Smith Says:

    I am very sensitive to gluten. I cannot even make toast or better yet a pie for anyone else, not eating it but just making it, the swelling of the gut is instantaneous. I was craving beer so much this weekend that I decided I would try a carona, then one more and then six more. No reaction!!!! :) happy BBQ season to me . Hope for you too!

  96. Anya Says:

    I found this blog recently, some independent folks doing their own testing. I found it useful and I’m trying out the different options listed. So far, so good!

  97. Alice Says:

    I was diagnosed with lupus and sjogrens. I was told I should be on a gluten free diet due to the illness. I have been a beer drinker for years!! I drank all kinds of beer and started to develop rashes on my face. I was told it was the gluten. i stopped eating gluten and stopped drinking beer with gluten. Started drinking Corona and have no effects from it. The rash cleared up and if I am with a friend that offers me a beer that is not Corona and I drink it, bam the rash is back…I will stick to my tasty Corona and stay rash free. Good luck to everyone that tries the Corona. I hope everyone has the same reaction, none!?

  98. Glenn Seamans Says:

    I’m vacationing in Manila with my gf and her family. I tried San Miguel Light and initially it didn’t seem to bother me, however, I had another bottle 3-4 days later and I experienced the usual symptoms associated with Celiacs. I was diagnosed with Celiacs 6 years ago. I have been trying to find out if SML is gluten free. Wonderful beer and while is doesn’t list barley as one of it’s ingredients it does contain malt which is ok but it also lists “grains” but doesn’t specify which grains. Can anybody solve this puzzle, haven’t found anything on line to confirm or dismiss the presence of barley. Thanks in advance

  99. Mikosiko90 Says:

    I am very much celiac, I have had no issues drinking corona extra

  100. Jouni Parkkali Says:

    If you come to Finland here are gluten free bier´s in Finland :)

  101. Darryl Says:

    People keep forgetting corn also has gluten, it is not gluten free.

  102. Dougly Dooright Says:

    Last I heard, Mexico does not play ball with ‘Monsanto’. Ever since GMO’s entered into the equation there has been an explosion of intestinal aliments. As soon as the GMO’s go away me thinks we will all get better and drink any ‘real’ beer that we want.

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